Based on the foundation of imagination and creativity to create a fascinating work environment, Reliance Entertainment lets you explore a variety of dream jobs. We seek talented and imaginative people to be a part of our team, who can dream big, think uniquely and can think of all the hilarity, astonishment, ecstasy, elation and buzz related to various entertainment genres straddling movies, animation, news, music, television, networking and what not. As a part of the Reliance Entertainment family your journey will not only be fun, exciting and ever-growing, but also help you build a promising career for yourself.

We are all about People. We take great efforts to nurture your career and empower every individual with robust opportunities for their personal growth. If each one of us is unstoppable then our organization would excel into be a force to be reckoned within the entertainment industry, not only in India but also transcending geographies.

We are all about Teamwork. Though Reliance Entertainment comprises of a number of real businesses, we are proud to say that we work as a single united Virtual Company. Ensuring a sense of camaraderie and pride in belonging to our big illustrious family.

We are all about Entertainment. Besides work, we also take a great deal of interest in encouraging you to hone your extra-curricular talents. We bring together a variety of talented individuals to build and foster an enviable culture and workplace that all of us at Reliance Entertainment can be proud of. We have a whole lot of excitement in store for you!

Big Opportunity

“Winning is more rewarding when you play by the rules”. We always put our employees first. Our pride lies in building a company around the idea that work should be challenging and challenge should be fun. The idea being, organizing world’s information and make it both useful and universally acceptable by one and all. Accomplishment of this feat, will be done only with people having great aspirations. Reliance Big Entertainment offers you the most inspiring work environments on the planet to work with smart people and amazing technology. A platform to connect with millions of people. We invite you to join and become a part of our organization – one whose forte is its ethics and values which are in turn reflected in its actions and people practices.

Big Fun

We believe that our employee’s personal life is as important as their professional life. At Reliance Entertainment you not only get to say “I have fun at work” or “Going to work is like going to a movie theatre” but you get to feel it as well! We work hard, but party harder, keeping our energy and excitement levels high at all time. Movies, parties, events, outings to sports are the various activities one can indulge in throughout the year to keep spirits high. All we need is an excuse to have some refreshing and stimulating fun, through regular events that satisfy your appetite for fun with prizes to be won and freebies to take away! Dance parties, fun Fridays, family days, movie screening, football matches, salsa classes, cooking workshops – You name it, we have it!

Come let’s make it an experience of a lifetime!


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