UK based Codemasters is a world-leader in development of racing games with a history of producing some iconic games over the last 30 years. Team Codies have been the guardians to some of the most adorable racing game IPs including the home to DiRT and the official franchisee for Formula One. Their success route treads through supreme creativity and vision of raising the game, empowering people and igniting passion to produce the greatest racing games of the world. Established as one of the largest independent game development studios on the planet, the Codemasters teams are a bunch of talented, diverse yet close-knit, hard-working and super-friendly individuals. There’s an abundance of inspiration which continuously brews on fresh new ideas, new tech innovations and some incredible artwork into the beautiful game interfaces.


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Codemasters Southam Studio Lower Farm,
Southam Warwickshire,
CV47 2DL
Telephone: 09158989687
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