Joy Movie Production & Reliance Entertainment all set to release “Charles Enterprises”, a social satire family drama, Malayalam movie in Cinemas pan India & Globally on 19th May

“Charles Enterprises”, directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, stars Urvashi, Kalaiyarasan , Balu Varghese, Guru Somasundaram, Sujith Shankar, Manikandan R. Achari, bhanu and Abhija Shivakala.

Mumbai, 2 May 2023: Joy Movie Production and Reliance Entertainment are proud to announce the release of Charles Enterprises, a social satire, in India and globally on the 19th of May. The film is directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian. The family drama, entwined with humour, thrill, friendship and love will see a pan- India and overseas release in markets of USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Charles Enterprises is a fascinating depiction of Ravi Kumaraswamy’s life, a young man from Kochi suffering from night blindness, a congenital disability. Ravi steals a Ganesha idol from his mother, Gomathi, a profound devotee, and later tries to overcome the ensuing crises and reclaim his life, which becomes more difficult due to the social situation thoroughly affected by the pandemic.

Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, a passionate filmmaker started his creative career as a director by making short films and musical promos in Malayalam & Tamil. His short films were selected for the international short film festival of Kerala, and many of them have gone on to win awards.

Looking forward to the release of Charles Enterprises, Director Subhash Subrahmanian discussed the movie, saying, “The film carries a unique style in narrating the story of a Ganesha idol and several people surrounding it in the backdrop of an urban area. The storytelling method is far from the usual filmmaking and has never been seen in Malayalam cinema. The dynamic and zestful pace of the movie makes it a treat to the audience’s eyes and minds. Even the genre of the film is something that will entice the audience comprising both families and youngsters.

The movie features an ensemble cast that includes Urvashi, Kalaiyarasan , Balu Varghese, Guru Somasundaram, Sujith Shankar, Manikandan R. Achari, bhanu and Abhija Shivakala. The film is directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian and is produced by Dr. Ajith Joy & Joy Movie Production.

Sameer Chopra, VP- Marketing Head, Reliance Entertainment, expressed, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Joy Movie Production to showcase Charles Enterprises to Indian and international audiences. Our goal is to show people content-rich films that give them an all-around experience as well as pure entertainment.

Charles Enterprises, a Reliance Entertainment Release pan India and globally, is all set to hit the theaters on 19th May. The film promises to be a captivating watch and is expected to strike a chord with film buffs..

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