Reliance Entertainment to release Jason Statham starrer action film ‘Safe’ on 4th May

12th April, 2012: Jason Statham starrer upcoming action film ‘Safe’ from director Boaz Yakin (Remember The Titans) will be released in India by Reliance Entertainment on 4th May, 2012.

Action star Jason Statham has built a legion of enthusiastic fans for his charismatic portrayals of hard-boiled men in favorites like ‘The Transporter’ series, ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘The Expendables’. But audiences will experience a new depth of his talent in writer/director Boaz Yakin’s new action-thriller, SAFE. The film is a relative rarity among action movies: an all-out genre piece that is powered by a full-blooded emotional core. Director Yakin says, “He plays a tough guy, and with the stunts and the action he’s meticulous to a crazy degree. But this is a much more vulnerable character than he usually plays. He really went for it and I think that’s going to surprise people.”

The film also stars Catherine Chan and Chris Sarandon. Statham plays Luke Wright, a former NYPD cop cum second-rate cage fighter whose wife has been murdered and his life destroyed by the Russian mob. With nothing to live for, Luke begins contemplating suicide. But his unlikely savior is a ten-year-old Chinese math prodigy named Mei. Kidnapped by Triad boss Han Jiao for her flawless numerical memory, Mei has been brought to America and forced to act as the organization’s “human ledger”. But the information Mei holds in her memory is also coveted by the Russian mob, and a botched abduction attempt sends her on the run and right into Luke’s path. He tries to protect Mei from the Triads while outwitting New York officials and the Russian Mafia. He won’t stop until she’s safe. SAFE’s vivid central relationship between Luke and Mei is the driving force of the film.

From the producers of ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Inglorious Basterds’ watch out for this gritty action thriller on 4th May.

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