315 crores in 19 days

Reliance Big Pictures release ‘3 Idiots’ biggest Indian film at the Box office

Mumbai January 12, 2010: Reliance Big Pictures release ‘3 Idiots’ a Raju Hirani film of Vidhu Vinod Chopra production starring Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharmaan Joshi, Omi Vaidya has stormed the box office worldwide. The film has broken all the previous box office records for Indian films. More that 60 million people have watched the film in theatres and the numbers are only growing and the film has grossed over Rs.315 crores (US $ 70 Million) worldwide.
More people have watched 3 Idiots in two weeks than any other film so far. According to the Trade Expert, Taran Adarsh, “3 Idiots is unstoppable. That’s the truth. No Distributor, no Trade Expert can predict the business of this film”

In India the 2nd week occupancy of ‘3 Idiots’ fell by a mere 28% indicating a very strong word of mouth for the film, which has made the film a must see this winter. Â Most multiplexes have added 14 to 21 new shows in the 2nd week compared to first week with 150 additionally shows. After a long time an Indian film has had such repeat audiences for a film.
In the overseas market also ‘3 Idiots’ has beaten past records of all earlier Indian films to emerge as the new benchmark for the Indian film industry in the overseas box office. The film is the highest grossing Indian film ever to release in the US, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, Fiji beating all previous records. The film in UK has retained its position in the top 10 film at the British Box Office, also is Aamir Khan’s biggest grosser so far & highest box office grosser of 2009. The screen count in the US has increased by 25% by the third week.

Commenting on the success of the film Aamir Khan said “As a member of the team am so happy with the kind of success that the film is achieving. Thanks to Raju, for making the film so well, to Vinod for doing such a great job as a producer and to Reliance Big Pictures for the kind of release they gave the film.”

Producer Vinod Chopra said, “I am thrilled and humbled that so many people all over the world have loved this film. It proves true Rancho’s mantra: chase excellence and success will follow”.

Commenting on the huge success of 3 Idiots, Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance BIG Entertainment said, “3 Idiots has opened new vistas for the Indian Film Industry. The huge response across continents reinforces our belief that a well-made, well-exploited film can still create magic in the darkened auditorium. We are proud to be associated with Vinod, Aamir, Raju and the talented team of 3 Idiots.”

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